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Investment Management Consulting

Corporate Treasury

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Strategic Investment Plan

The Strategic Investment Plan is the framework for your investment program. We have prepared investment plans for cash pools ranging in size from $150 million to $6 billion resulting from mergers, debt issuance, and secondary equity offerings. Proceeds may include cash pools earmarked for future acquisitions, capital expenditures, stock repurchase, strategic business development, ventures, and short-term liquidity. The overall investment plan is designed to meet your liquidity, bond covenants, loss constraints, tax efficiency and regulatory limitations. We prepare presentation-ready slides for Audit Committee and Board that explain the Investment Policy Statement.

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Investment Policy Statement

We review and update your Investment Policy Statement to incorporate additional safeguards in light of the current market turbulence. All modifications will be recommended based on your risk tolerance and investment horizon. The policy review includes additional safeguards to avoid the inadvertent introduction of risk, compliance issues, poor collateral, and derivative exposure.

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Investment Manager Selection & Evaluation

Investment Manager Selection and Evaluation for various institutional clients with multiple managers and asset pools, domestic and offshore investment mandates in the $200 million to $7.0 billion range including fixed income, domestic equity, and international assets.

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Performance Benchmarks & Attribution

Performance Benchmarks and Attribution for customized portfolio policy benchmarks and individualized portfolio style benchmarks for each investment manager. Performance attribution, sector analysis, and volatility analysis. Portfolios include taxable, tax-advantaged, domestic and offshore investments.

Custodian Selection & Implementation

We conduct custodian searches for domestic, global and private equity assets evaluating candidates on the basis of global securities clearing, securities lending, reporting capabilities, on-line services, service standards, systems capabilities, credit strength, insurance and competitive pricing. Global custodian searches range from $300 million to $4 billion. We provide a comparison of custodian bids and services that will enables you to make relevant comparisons. These bids can be used to evaluate your current custodian pricing, bundle reporting analytics, asset management and renegotiate fees. We negotiate fees, contracts and assist in transitioning assets.

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Performance Measurement and Risk Monitoring

Quarterly Performance Measurement and Risk Monitoring using an array of analytical tools and techniques tailored to each portfolio. Our consultants meet with you quarterly to review the reports, interpret the results and update the investment approach as appropriate. Also provide statement analysis of cash flows, market values, and calculate pre-tax, after-tax and taxable equivalent returns for clients. Portfolios range from $125 million to $6.5 billion.

Compliance Checking

Compliance Checking of in-house and external portfolios through on-line access to external custodians for credit quality, credit watch, sector diversification, and duration limits.

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Custom Universes & Peer Group Manager Reviews

We have developed custom universes of managers from the data obtained through our continuous search process. The composite returns are based on portfolios with similar portfolio. Universe comparisons are made on the basis of the managers' 1, 3 and 5 year annualized returns, volatility of returns, risk/return profile, risk-adjusted and duration adjusted returns.

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Asset Allocation Studies

Asset Allocation Studies completed for several clients, including a multi-billion dollar investment portfolios using traditional and nontraditional securities such as indexed bonds and equities, convertibles, and high yield active management.

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Treasury Benchmarking Surveys

Treasury Benchmarking Surveys review Treasury functions including: Cash Management, Banking Service, Portfolio Management, Treasury Accounting, FX Management, Risk Management, Staffing Levels and IT Systems. Customized studies benchmark your treasury functions against comparable organizations that have similar treasury responsibilities, complexity, and business roles. Peer group members may not necessarily be in the same industry but will share similar financial characteristics, revenues, international operations and risk management features.

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